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  "You can be secure in the knowledge that your promotional activities are being looked after by professionals working for you without impact on your time, and importantly, your pocket."

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We provide everything to get things moving quickly and easily, leaving you free to run your business.

  • Bespoke design monthly promotions in your premises

  • designed to collect customer data
  • Collect, collate and analyse customer details, postal and email addresses and birth star signs

  • Regular e-mails to your customers advising them of new promotions, special offers, incentives and updates

  • Opportunity for "Birthday Special Offers" being offered to your customers

  • Send you regular statistics on your customers to assist you with other focused marketing - rewarding regular visitors for example

  • Provide a full address book of your customers plus mailing labels when required - now you can easily send Christmas cards to most of your customers

  • If you don't have one we will provide a free web page, or links to your existing site


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